Shifting the Entertainment Atmosphere

​It started several years ago but became much more real as I realized my oldest child was interested in pursuing music. When he was around nine years old, it had become clear that not only had God gifted him with the ability to play the piano, but he was also gifted with singing and creating music. Later, he would also learn to play the guitar. As a young child, he looked up to pop stars. The problem is, those pop stars started to grow up, and their lyrics and behaviors got worse. I didn’t want him following in those footsteps or chasing that empty lifestyle. He had gifts, yes, but I wasn’t going to fund anything that didn’t honor the Lord.
This dilemma created in me a desire to earnestly pray for the entertainment industry and media. It appeared that things had gotten so bad and the things that were becoming acceptable were just too much. No longer could we watch sporting events, award shows, and even some children’s programming because they were becoming more and more full of mature themes and inappropriate attitudes and language.
I prayed and prayed for the Lord to take control. I asked Him to put people in positions to make movies and television shows to be aired that would share the Gospel and portray the Jesus I love. I prayed for a shift in the music industry and for God to raise up young men and women who would use their gifts to awaken the hearts of people who had never worshiped before. I can’t even begin to count how many times people had asked me (both Christians and non-Christians) when I mentioned my son's musical ability “if he was going to be the next Justin Bieber and make a lot of money.” “Not if I can help it,” was always my response. Even people who knew he led student worship would ask this question. It’s as if the idea of fame and money can replace the fulfillment of serving the Lord with the giftings He has blessed a person with. 
​I know I am not alone in praying these bold requests to God. The mother of a worship leader I know wrote a book titled, “Shifting the Spiritual Atmosphere.” In her book, Sharon Mullins has many prayers about changing the spiritual atmosphere in the entertainment industry:
“Don’t allow the imaginations of the dark places of the mind to be the norm for what entertains. Once again, return this nation to virtuous, respectable, and decent living. Allow productions that glorify You, O Lord, and uplift the human soul.”
​In the last few years, we’ve seen Christian movie after Christian movie released in theaters across the country. We’ve seen singers on shows such as The Voice lift high the name of Jesus. Recently, a new rapper sang about Jesus on the stage at the Grammy’s. God is doing something big. How do I know?
There is an assault going on.
“God intended that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” (Acts 17:27)

God has slowly been taking over the entertainment industry. He is putting people in place to control movies, music, and television. And now, there is an all-out war on the news media.
Entertainment used to be a form of escape. But lately, we need an escape from what we see. The stuff on television and movies and the lyrics in songs become living nightmares because people act on what they see after watching it again and again.
I pray the entertainment industry continues to see a movement of people being disgusted with the boundaries that have been pushed and thrust upon our society. Enough is enough. I pray for actors and musicians to say, “No!” to the pressures of giving in for the sake of a dollar. I pray there is a funding shift in the entertainment industry from those who would seek to do harm by what they produce and create to those who desire to lift high the name of Jesus through television, movies, and music. We may have a glimpse of success right now, but we can’t give up on interceding for a greater harvest to come.

Erin Olson

Founder and CEO of Sandalfeet Ministries

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