Are You Telling?

​A couple of days ago as I was reading my Bible, this verse jumped off the page at me:
"When they heard what Jesus was doing, many people came to him" (Mark 3:8b).
And then again this morning, these words of David got me thinking:
“I raise my voice in praise and tell of all the miracles you have done” (Psalm 26:7).
I've seen these words before, but as I’ve been reflecting the past couple of days on some things, I wondered, Are we telling of the things Jesus is doing...the miracles, the changed lives, the restored that many people will be drawn to Him? 
I hope we are—each one of us in our respective circles. 
​I have witnessed so many miracles performed by God lately. Miracles that have no other explanation BUT. FOR. GOD. I sit astonished and amazed when I think about what He has done, and is continuing to do.
Many people need hope and healing. May we pray more fervently for things that matter and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. God gives us the ability to pray—to communicate with the Creator of all things. He is the one who gives us our testimony in order to testify of the great things He has done. These are powerful weapons.
Let us never stop asking God for miracles and never stop telling others of the miracles He has performed.
"Miracles don't happen in a vacuum. There needs to be an openness; a prayerful expectation, and an urgency compelling God from our hearts." - GEORGE GEIGER, Miracles For an Athiest

Erin Olson

Founder and CEO of Sandalfeet Ministries

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