Miracle From Heaven - Good Friday

​Last night, I took my 10-year old daughter and her friend to see Miracles From Heaven. I read the book about a year ago so honestly my expectations were low going into the movie. Generally, movies are never as good as the book. However, I was completely wrong about this one. Barely minutes into the movie and tears started flowing and never stopped…and it just wasn’t me crying; it was both of the girls too. (If you plan on seeing the movie, I would suggest you bring tissue.)
​After the movie was over, the girls had lots of questions. The most pressing questions involved some of the medical procedures in the movie (I promise I won’t spoil too much of the movie for you!). They also asked questions about a couple of the miracles in the movie—although at first, they didn’t see them as miracles until I explained the miracles to them. Our minds cannot always process the impossible or miraculous without understanding.
I explained to the girls a time when right before my oldest son’s second birthday, he got real sick. He came down with a contagious stomach virus. Usually, the virus runs its course, but his took a different turn. After almost twenty-four hours of waiting it out, my momma bear instinct kicked in, and I knew something wasn’t going well. By the time we got him to the children’s hospital, he was in critical condition, and some of his organs were shutting down. Nothing we did or didn’t do caused it or could have improved the situation. Everything was happening inside of his body…out of sight. We ended up staying in the hospital a few days, but he recovered and has never really been sick since. His healing was a miracle, but that wasn’t the only miracle that came out of this experience.
Just a day before my son came down with the stomach virus, he played at my husband’s office with one of his secretary’s young sons. A couple of days after my son got sick her son came down with some symptoms. She immediately thought he had caught what my son had so she brought her son to the doctor. Her son did not have what my son had, but had something much worse…something that could have killed him had it gone untreated.
I still marvel at how God orchestrated all of those events, and I still stand and say that if my son had to endure what he went through so that little boy could live, I would do it all over again.
God doesn’t always work things out like we expect or how we want, but if we open our eyes to the miracles He is performing each and every day, our perspective becomes so much broader, and honestly there is so much freedom in that.
Today as I reflect on Good Friday, I think again of the miraculous events that had to take place so that Jesus could be exactly where He needed to be so that God could work out His plan of salvation for the world. The donkey needed to be in just the right place when the disciples went after it. That person needed to be willing to open their home to Jesus and the disciples so they could have the Last Supper. Judas Iscariot had to be greedy and sell information about Jesus to the Pharisees for just a few pieces of silver. The Jews needed to scream, “Crucify him” to fulfill prophecy. Pontius Pilate had to be weak and succumb to the pressures of both the religious leaders and the Roman government whom he wanted to please.
Miracle…after miracle…after miracle. God supplied every miracle just as He supplies every single miracle that takes place around the world today.
Why does one need to die for another to live? Why does one person have when one person does not? Why was I born here rather than there? These are questions only God knows the answers to, and because we cannot manipulate or control His sovereignty, we must believe in faith that what He does is best for His plan and His glory.
In the movie, Anna, the main character, befriended her hospital suite mate. The girl, Hailey, had cancer. Anna shared with the girl about Jesus. Hailey’s dad was not so happy about this and asked Anna’s mom to ask Anna not to talk about it again. In the end, Anna and Hailey did not end up with the same result in earthly terms, but because of Anna’s divine appointment with Hailey, Hailey got to know Jesus and know peace. Her final days were different because of the miracles God was working out.
The same is true for you and I. Jesus died so we could live. Two thousand years ago, Jesus died a painful, shameful death so that you and I would not have to suffer for eternity. God sacrificed His son for the world so that everyone who believes in Him and calls on His name will be saved (Romans 10:9). God knew not everyone would believe, but even still, He was willing to offer the opportunity to all.
Years ago, a miracle from heaven died for you. Do you know this miracle?
Prayer for Good Friday:
God, thank you for sending your Son. Thank you for extending this gift to the world. Thank you for allowing me to worship Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Forgive me when I react in my flesh instead of relying on the strength and power you supply through your Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me to witness miracles each and every day. May my eyes and heart be open even further to see more so that I can keep on doing the work you have called me to do. Thank you that your miracle didn’t end on the Cross, but it continued three days later when Jesus rose from the grave. Thank you, Father, for reconciling me to you through your Son, Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Erin Olson

Founder and CEO of Sandalfeet Ministries

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