Extreme Signs

Some of you may have seen it before, you know, the video that shows humorous church signs. It’s called creative marketing…Here is the link if you have never seen it http://jesus-loves-you.org/44/.
However, recently, the following church sign has gone viral.
Now, if you have picked your jaw up off the floor, let’s have a candid discussion about this sign.
If your first reaction wasn’t so bad perhaps it was because you thought this sign was talking about blended families. You know, the divorce rate is skyrocketing in this country and divorcees are remarrying and with that often comes children who have two dads…a biological dad and a step-dad.
While that sounds nice, this sign did not mean that. In fact, the wife of the reverend of this church clearly confirmed via phone that this signpost was “a pro-gay message.”
This Anglican Church in Niagara Falls, Canada is crudely trying to infer that Jesus came from a two-dad family (and not in a blended family sort of way).
Jesus is clearly coming soon people.
Not only is this insinuation totally not biblical, it is complete blasphemy of the one true God that I serve. Drawing a comparison to the Creator of the Universe, the God Most High and Joseph, the husband of Mary, to a gay couple is something that I cannot even wrap my head around.
If you think the pro-gay movement, whose leading commander is Satan himself, is not trying to infiltrate this great America, you are mistaken.
Over the past few years, the pro-gay movement has broken barriers that some hoped would never happen. We have states that allow same-sex marriage, we have TV programming that glamorizes same-sex couples, we have states that have passed transgender locker room policies that encroach on the rights of heterosexual children, and sadly, we have churches that are pushing the boundaries of Christianity who are sharing the message that gay is okay with messages such as this as well as employing openly gay clergy.
The madness has got to stop.
The gay community itself is relatively small in our country, but I am sure the numbers will rise over the next few years. Various polls have been taken over the years and the numbers of reporting gays varies from 3.5% to 5%. With a total US population of 317 million people or so, this number is around 9-15 million people. Although this percentage is low, they seem to have the loudest voice right now both from the homosexual and heterosexual communities.
Why do you think this is?
I would argue that those who aren’t gay are pushing for more rights for gays because we live in a sexually perverse nation. The more being sexually perverse is allowed in this country, the more it will be okay for some to do whatever it is they feel comfortable doing with their sexuality.
Sexual perversion in our country is staggering. Currently, there are over 747,000 registered sex offenders in the US and that number grows by the minute. This does not even include the number of all people who are currently or have been incarcerated for sexual offenses. The porn industry reports earnings of over $14 billion per year in annual revenue. The only potential reason this number could go down over the next few years, they say, is because of piracy and the fact that there is a lot more free perverse content available on the Internet.
God had a strong message for Moses in the book of Leviticus about sexual perversion… you know, that same Moses that we have to believe saw God in the burning bush, the one who led the Israelites out of Egypt, the one who raised his staff and parted the Red Sea and the one who received the Ten Commandments from God.
In Leviticus 18, the Lord tells Moses all about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable when it comes to sexual relations among His people. Why did He have to tell Moses this? Because He wanted to remind the people that they should not become like the people of Egypt or Canaan. The Egyptians and the Canaanites were committing incest, adultery, having sexual relations with animals, sacrificing their children and actively participating in homosexual relations.
The Lord goes on to tell Moses in Leviticus 20 what the consequences were for committing such sexual perversion. In most cases, the consequence was death. Fortunately for believers today, our death was bought with the blood of Jesus, but we are called to believe and repent. If we are following Jesus, we are not following sin. He did not die on the cross for us so that we can keep on sinning. He did not die so that we can live a life filled with sin. Sin and the Holy Spirit have a hard time co-habitating together in our bodies.
Sexual perversion is not new to America…it is not even new to history. However, we should be a people that learn from history. Sexual perversion puts people at greater risk for molestation, rape, adultery, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, increased abortions, increased drug and alcohol use and disease. It is not just a gay versus straight issue...it is a societal issue.
Jude warned us in Jude 1:4 that, “Certain people have crept in (to our churches) unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” (Emphasis added) 
Christians, we have to pray this evil out of our churches, out of our society and in some cases, out of our lives. Sexual perversion at any level is a sin against God. Let us not be led by leaders of our churches or by our states and nation to accept that “what we do behind closed doors is our own business.” It is not. All of it seeps into society and affects us in one way or another.

Erin Olson

Founder and CEO of Sandalfeet Ministries


tom - August 31st, 2013 at 2:11pm


Chet - August 31st, 2013 at 2:16pm

It's possible for people to have two dads, but only one father.

Shane - August 31st, 2013 at 7:17pm

Erin Olson, you should not be given the privilege of marriage. And you should not speak on behalf of a god you don't understand. Kindly leave your ignorance and hatred out of our happy lives.

Pamela - August 31st, 2013 at 11:48pm

Very well said, Erin! The truth always upsets those that work against it. God's Holy Word - The Bible - has not changed in over 2,000 years and is very clear on the sin of homosexuality. And although we are all sinners, that doesn't mean we have to accept sin and deviancy (sp?) as a normal way of life.

Ryan - September 1st, 2013 at 1:14am

Well said

Krysi - September 1st, 2013 at 3:24am

Oh, and the next verse says that if you're a bastard, the child of a bastard... or even have a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchild of a bastard, you can't come to church or synagogue either. Deuteronomy 23:2 reads, "No one of illegitimate birth shall enter the assembly of the Lord; none of his descendants, even to the tenth generation, shall enter the assembly of the Lord."

Melissa - September 2nd, 2013 at 10:50am

Amen Erin and Pamela.

Gil - September 3rd, 2013 at 12:03pm

Yes the sign is ridiculous. But it gives me pause to then see homosexual orientation conflated with abortion, incest, drug and alcohol abuse, and child sacrifice. The Israelites in the desert were surrounded by pure evil and depravity. God was right to command them to be separate and not engage in their practices. Jesus' perfect sacrifice and resurrection gave us a new covenant and release from the Old Testament law (Romans 7:6). Do two people who love each other and are otherwise minding their own business really equate to the above? I don't know. It destroys me to think of a teenager, depressed and contemplating (or attempting) suicide over something he has no control over. And what if his church tells him his way leads to depravity and rape and sexual perversion? Miley Cyrus' display at the VMAs was disgraceful and perverted. Does that make heterosexuality wrong? The person I love and married is of a different ethnicity. I find I have a hard time telling someone else they can't marry the person they love. I hope reasonable people can disagree.

Erin - September 3rd, 2013 at 4:34pm

First, let me say that God gave the word on homosexuality, not me. Gil, explain to me why every other thing in Leviticus 18 applies today, but for some reason we are being asked to ignore just homosexuality? For instance, Incest - it's illegal Adultery - grounds for legal divorce in the US Sex with animals - disregarding the fact that this is sick, I'm sure animal cruelty could apply. Child sacrifice - child abuse What if next year, the world starts saying "you know what, we were designed for sex, I love sex, I love having sex and I want to have it with people other than my wife or husband? I know the Bible said it at one time was bad, but Jesus died for me so that doesn't apply? Adultery no longer is a legal grounds for divorce because it isn't seen as wrong." Then what? The race thing is different. We saw what happened in the OT when the chosen started mingling with the pagans. It was a mess. It was about the god they didnt serve or the gods they did serve. Outside the Jewish race, we are all Gentiles so our mixed racial marriages aren't biblically problematic....that's a matter of preference. The Bible is pretty specific about believers not marrying unbelievers. Miley Cyrus' performance, while not a smart choice, did not violate Leviticus 18. She may have caused some to stumble for sure and clearly wasn't reflective of the Holy Spirit that indwells in her as the believer she claims to be. I would chalk that up with soft porn...and that is definitely not something a believer should not be the leading star in.

Erin - September 3rd, 2013 at 4:50pm

Gil, we tell relatives they can't marry....Do you have a hard time telling them they can't marry the one they love?

Gil - September 4th, 2013 at 12:16am

The difference is the things mentioned above are a violation or someone without their consent or who can't give consent. Adultery is a violation of a trust and promise made to another person. Incest isn't simply a matter of two consenting adults. There's the potential of producing a victim - a child with disability or deformity. I'm not saying that we can disagree with God. I believe that reasonable people disagreeing can lead to rational discussions and loving, compassionate resolutions. We may not change our minds but maybe we can change our ways. Perhaps then our confused, despondent teenager could feel safe turning to his church for guidance and counseling instead of being fearful of condemnation and ostracizing. I may not have made this clear but I'm not 100% on this. I leave the door open; however I've thought and prayed and studied the scriptures and these are the hard questions I'm asking. It breaks my heart to see anyone suffer from isolation and condemnation and moreso a young person having a tough enough time navigating the teen years. I heard a minister say once that it's very easy to condemn the sins we're not personally guilty of. Much harder to help an alcoholic overcome his addiction, help a homeless family get off the streets, feed a starving child in a foreign country.

Erin - September 4th, 2013 at 7:56am

True, incest could result (not always a for sure) in children being born with birth defects (hence the complete worry this creates), but homosexuality can by itself never produce offspring....never having the ability to go forth and multiply. If the human race became entirely homosexual, humans would become extinct at some point. It is against the order put into place by God in Genesis 1.

Erin - September 4th, 2013 at 8:01am

And I agree it is hard to empathize with things we haven't personally gone through, but if you have lived at all in complete sin darkness of any kind, there is isolation. Only Jesus can help you through that and give you freedom. Contributing to or accepting sin as just the way it is does not get people through addictions, life choices, etc...we can only pint them to Jesus who can take those things away. My problem with being quiet about what is sinful and what isn't is the confusion that we are throwing our children into. They are having to process so many things. They will experiment that's a given, but you give the devil too much room to work with and he will suffocate life out of you. He's slithery and seductive and every seeping into our world to steal our children through many different and creative means.