Release the transforming power of God’s love and change the world!

We are a generation in crisis. Crooked governments, big business, culture, global warming, liberalism, war, refugees… Yet, these are not the blame for the crisis. The root of our problems goes much deeper.

In her book Spiritual Orphans, Erin Olson will show the problems we face are spiritual issues manifesting themselves in the physical. We cannot experience heaven on Earth with so many people disconnected from their heavenly Father. Through real-life experiences, practical application of biblical principles, and soul-searching questions, this book will help you

  •  Discover your unique role in God’s masterplan to turn the hearts of His children back to Him
  • Understand the critical difference between a spiritual orphan and a prodigal
  • Identify and adopt divine strategies and spiritual tools to lead spiritual orphans to their forever home in the family of God
  • Replace judgment of others with unshakable, transforming love
  • And more!

No longer washed out to sea and drowning in the troubles of our day, those who long to be accepted, cared for, and set on a well-lit and stable path of life will find refuge in God’s strength made perfect in you. With God, you can combat the spiritual darkness plaguing this generation. Are you willing?