Emerge: It's Time To Turn Off The Dark
For many years, Erin Olson didn't realize she was lost because she didn’t understand how her choices had created a chasm between her and God. She grew up going to church and had knowledge of Jesus, but she was like the prodigal son. She wanted to do life on her own terms, and fight battles in her own strength.
Some say the hardest people to reach are those who go to church, but aren't saved. Erin personally understands why this can happen. We grow up with what the world says "church" is yet we forget that God doesn't dwell in a building anymore. Too often, we relegate God to the activity of going to church, but we fail to teach the people in the church what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
It was only through the discovery of the need for this relationship with Jesus, his love for her, and his plan of salvation and redemption that Erin realized she was a prodigal. At a very pivotal moment in her life, Erin needed help from the only person who could save her from her greatest enemy.
Since discovering and receiving the free gift of salvation, Erin’s life has never been the same. From the minute she asked Jesus to be Lord and Savior and asked to receive the Holy Spirit, she has had a burning desire to help lead those still living in darkness to the Savior.
We live in dark times, but there is One who shines greater. Now is the time to turn off the dark and let our lights shine.  

Through personal examples and biblical examples, Emerge: It’s Time To Turn Off The Dark is a tool to help turn off the dark in your life. Whether you have been in church your whole life, or just started attending church, Erin Olson desires that through your belief and faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you would live out a life fully charged by the unlimited power of the Holy Spirit. If you are ready to challenge yourself and live a more Spirit-filled life, then now is the time to turn off the dark.